Cutting Costs with Surveys in Property Transactions

Excuse me for just one second, whilst I gulp massively in my throat at the very thought of this nightmare scenario! At this time, where money is definitely tighter everywhere, I have no doubt that companies are reporting the fact that more and more people are trying to cut corners in property transactions and reign-in as many savings as humanly possible.

If you are even slightly contemplating dispensing with the services of a chartered surveyor, in a property conveyance, do not even think about it! Seriously, this could prove to be the biggest false economy you ever make in your life.

If you cannot afford the services of a chartered surveyor, you really cannot afford to go through with the property transaction in the first place – it really is that simple. This is one additional charge that must be factored into every property transaction and you cannot rely on the pathetic fleeting glance that is superficially cast over the property for a mortgage application.

Alas, many people feel that the mortgage survey, which they are still charged for quite heavily, will suffice when it comes to finding any faults with a property. This is 100% not the case and these mortgage surveys are not worth a penny of the money spent on them! Instead, you simply have to instruct your own chartered surveyor to conduct a sufficient evaluation of the property you are interested in buying.

The surveyor will produce a full report on everything that might be an issue with the property: either at that time or a forecast of areas that may require attention in the near future. You can never believe that you have a good eye for detail where this is concerned, yourself – you are not qualified in this regard and many people have fallen foul of this arrogance in the past.

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